Use the right tools: Why we all should use the right CRM solution.

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Knowing each software’s purpose and scope, enable users to choose the right tool for their businesses.

The right CRM solution may be paramount to enable business growth, but the wrong one can be detrimental without awareness.


Have you ever used a knife as a screwdriver?

We probably all have done it once: the ability to make things happen with limited resources is what makes entrepreneurs successful, isn’t it?

Well, not always. 

Some entrepreneurs cannot swift from the state of mind of very limited resources (startup) to embrace a spendable capability (scale up). This is probably a reason why some startuppers can’t succeed,  they are too focused on managing limited spending instead of boosting the growth. That state of mind is something that quite often reduces investments’ acumen and, instead, shrinks the business’ growth.

In all fairness, it is also true the opposite: but let’s skip this topic now.




It is great to be able to use a knife to unscrew something, it is great to be able to achieve a result with limited or no resources.

Then there comes a time when efficiency is required.

Time is the most valuable resource anybody has. Time usage capability is at the kernel of success: well before Seven Habits.



What is still complex is to determine how much our own “time” costs to us

The value of any investment takes that price as a benchmark: the ROI of the investments should also include the time we spend on them, not only direct costs. That’s why the secret of Use the Right Tools is not clear enough.

Entrepreneurs who rely on their own time to make things happen can find it hard to scale their businesses.


From my own diary:

We all have seen weird things around us, the longest your life the more you may list.

The weirdest database I’ve ever seen was developed on WORD

Yes Word, Microsoft’s writing tool!

That company, in order to innovate from the business cards collection, developed a digital tool to run on fairy trades. All the data were input into a Word file, the outcome was just printing postal labels. 

Crazy? Yes but not too much due to the time. Maybe you know that nowadays a lot of companies are still running databases on Excel… Sometimes also CRM!

Use the right CRM solution shouldn’t be complex or expensive, it is a matter of knowledge: know what to do and why.



The fact is that there is a considerable amount of business people out there who are still not using the best solution to support their business, not even their sales processes.

Are yourself among them? Ask yourself 4 questions:

  • What is the value of your own time? 
  • Can you still afford wasting time using inefficient tools?
  • How much would you pay to boost your own productivity?
  • Would you give away valuable assets you created for free?


Incredibly enough, most people are still not fully aware of the implications of time management, as a result they can’t  appreciate what they just don’t know.

When we learn a new way to achieve better results with less effort, we may unveil the amount of time we wasted before learning it. 

Then learning to use the right tools becomes the essence of improvement in business. Use the right CRM solution to really boost your business ahead.


“Every business relies on good relationships with the clientele, that’s why business leaders’ should care about investment in productivity to strengthen them.”

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