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Govern the digital transformation of your business, get the best from a CRM, improve conversion rate of your leads generation and the retention of existing clients.

Provide a holistic approach to support entrepreneurs aligning the business process and the technology to create and maintain fruitful relationships along the whole business process.

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easyCRM close the gap between business and technology, we are CRM experts!

We master tech solutions to boost your business!

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To leverage competitive advantages, companies need to fully embrace digital transformation. Relational Marketing implies strategies and execution to become even more focused on stakeholders perception, with a special attention to prospects and existing customers.

Complex business environments are challenging companies in their capability to be efficient in order to boost their own competitiveness.

Companies need to outsource specialistic know-how to leverage cross-pollinated experts inside their organisation.

"People buy why you do what you do..."

(Simon Sinek)
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Our mission​

Our mission is to provide an outstanding know-how to enable companies maximising their CRM project’s ROI.

To achieve that goal we keep investing 20% of the turnover in learning and development of knowledge and know-how on every discipline required in the domain, with a specific focus on marketing and organisational solutions developed on information technology.

"If you are working on something that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."

(Steve Jobs)
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Our best book

Everyone who is looking for a technical guide to implement a digital CRM in their company, please do not buy this book!

Customer Relationship Management for Medium and Small Enterprises presents a dynamic visual encapsulating the essence of effective customer engagement in smaller business environments.

This book is for organisations that implemented a CRM that didn’t go well. They are unsatisfied about the solution and they are thinking about changing it. This is because newbies are often unaware, and they need to make a lot of mistakes to learn. The good thing is that after mistakes we get aware that we need to approach things differently.

This book is for organisations that want to bridge the gap between information technology tools and the CRM logic. To those who already know how technology can unleash its potential when it is driven by a know-why.

Readers who need to clarify how to make the best out of a CRM implementation project will find the link with the logic behind the “how” ease the relationships with stakeholders.

Design it before starting to decide the tech solution may pave the way for a smoother implementation.

We believe that the CRM industry has the mission to support businesses in exploiting their capabilities in boosting customer experience to delight the people they serve.

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Leandro Agró, Palo Alto CA (Design Executive, IxD/UX expert (+20y), IoT pioneer, books author and patents contributor. Designing Spatial Computing for desirable futures. Winner of Apple design project in 1997).

It is peculiar how designers love to generate innovation and value for companies, but they usually don’t like to talk about sales. A good user experience does not depend only on what you see on the screen, and experiences have a lot in common with access and consumption.

UX is about the entire way in which a given company responds to the needs of its network of contacts. That’s where CRM comes in. These tools are inherently neutral, and you can use them to trick as many people as possible or provide them with the best possible UX. Antonio’s book has a different approach, well beyond just the tool, the book is helpful to many of us; those who would like to learn about CRM but don’t know where to start; those who do not know, as well as those not yet interested in learning what CRM is; and mostly to those who think that CRM is a magical technology that will solve their real-world problems just installing software on a server.

Finally – the book – is SUPER helpful for those who really intend to try to achieve their success by improving the overall brand’s user experience. Enjoy reading!

A CRM expert or “consultant” is someone who helps organisations in dealing with their CRM problems. easyCRM is a small company focused on tailor-made help to medium and small businesses to get the best from their CRM.

The marketing logic before the tech tool!