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Master WhatsApp Communication.

TimelinesAI empowers you team work

Streamline WhatsApp-CRM integration to perform efficient, organised communication with your clients.

What TimelinesAI Does

Unified WhatsApp Communication

TimelinesAI centralizes and organizes WhatsApp communication from multiple numbers, making it easy to manage and access all messages and attachments in one place.

Collaboration and CRM Integration

TimelinesAI enhances collaboration within your organization by allowing you to share messages, collaborate with team members, and integrate seamlessly with popular CRM systems.

Efficiency and Documentation

TimelinesAI streamlines your WhatsApp workflow by providing tools to combine related chats, add notes, and document important messaging.

Why Choose TimelinesAI for WhatsApp Business

TimelinesAI is a platform designed to enhance communication and management of WhatsApp interactions for businesses. Its key value proposition lies in providing control, insight, and scalability to businesses utilizing WhatsApp for sales or support purposes. Here’s a breakdown of its main benefits over the WhatsApp Business API.

Ease of Setup:

Connecting WhatsApp to TimelinesAI is simple and requires no technical knowledge or development. Users only need to scan a QR code, similar to WhatsApp Web/Desktop, making it quick to get started.


While WhatsApp Multidevice allows up to 5 users per account, TimelinesAI supports sharing access with up to 100 team agents, facilitating larger teams and operations.

Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Support:

TimelinesAI enables the simultaneous connection of multiple WhatsApp accounts, catering to scenarios where different team members use separate accounts for their work.

WhatsApp Groups Support:

For industries like education and real estate that heavily rely on WhatsApp groups, TimelinesAI provides functionality to collaborate within these groups, which WhatsApp Business/API lacks.

Collaboration, Organization, and Team Management Features:

TimelinesAI offers a shared inbox with collaboration features, allowing for easier distribution of work and efficiency tracking by recording actions on WhatsApp tied to specific users.

How TimelinesAI Make It


TimelinesAI simplifies WhatsApp communication by centralizing multiple numbers into one inbox. It syncs messages and attachments across devices for effortless management. Connecting WhatsApp numbers is user-friendly, streamlining communication.


TimelinesAI integrates WhatsApp with CRMs like Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho, and Monday.com, boosting collaboration. Quick replies, bulk messaging, and group chat support streamline workflows for better communication efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

TimelinesAI provides vital WhatsApp insights, tracking statistics and response times for data-driven decisions. This streamlines communication, making WhatsApp management efficient and organized.

TimelinesAI Features

1. Get MultiDevice WhatsApp Inbox

2. Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM systems

3. Set your agents ready for Whatsapp collaboration

4. Enable your agents to start new chats

5. Improve your sales with pre-defined templates

6. Send messages to segments of your clients

7. Supports Group Chats

8. ChatGPT and WhatsApp autoresponder

9. WhatsApp conversations directly from your CRM

10. Get WhatsApp business reporting

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WhatsApp CRM Integration

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