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What CRM really is

You have heard a lot about CRM, but what it really implies is not fully convincing.


Managing Relationship with Customers has always been at the core of business.
Today mainly identified with software CRM is well beyond that.


As businesses only exist because their customers, the goal to develop and maintain good relationship with the clientele is the ultimate purpose.


Organisations with a clear mission are capable to truly leverage a CRM strategy.
An impactful strategy on the organisational culture.


Since the very beginning of a business esistance design a customer experience that includes human interactions as well as machine ones is paramount

Learn how to master CRM strategy

When relationships are successful is because they are carefully designed before.

Design is about what can happen and how, understand expectations and set the correct stages and milestones.

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Sales process management

Starting from the very needs of your business, designing sales processes into CRM. 


Service management

Starting from the very need of users and customers, leverage help as a business differentiation


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Multichannel Communication

Engage with audiences anytime by tailored messages

CRM services

Analysis, reporting and Forecasting

Decision Making support by real time, qualitative, first hand data.

pipedrive CRM implementation project

Sales Process management

Reporting is paramount to measure performance.

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As Is Analysis

Set an As Is analysis to clarify how the organisation works and what workflows may benefit of an efficiency improvement.

Only after that it will be possible to develop a full picture of the company’s workflows and procedures. Then proceed planning the stages and designing functions and features in the digital tool, considering all the possible improvements.

First time it did in 2002 and you may think: “ok that’s old”, then another report was published in 2018, not that long ago. “In 2017, CIO magazine reported that around one-third of all customer relationship management (CRM) projects fail. That was actually an average of a dozen analyst reports. The numbers ranged from 18% to 69%. Those failures can mean a lot of things — over-budget, data integrity issues, technology limitations, and so forth. But in my work with clients, when I ask executives if the CRM system is helping their business to grow, the failure rate is closer to 90%.”