We relied on easyCRM for the evaluation and adoption of a CRM software that could meet the different needs of our business model based on a value-network architecture.
The choice fell on Pipedrive whose implementation was made with the transfer of information from excel sheets suitably reconfigured on the basis of the previous analysis conducted with easyCRM.
This has allowed for relatively short adoption times, organisational autonomy and consequent cost containment.

Pipedrive is proving to be a fairly versatile CRM tool that can respond to changing business conditions.
In fact, with this software we manage both our network of contacts upstream and downstream of the production-distribution chains, and the marketing-sales funnels of the multiple business lines of our customers on several levels: resellers, distributors, agents, department stores: from MQL to SQL.

Errekappa Export offers strategic support to Italian SMEs for the search for new commercial partners at an international level.
Our method RK brings together the know-how and experience gained by our consultants in over 30 years of activity in the export, marketing and sales sectors
Our services are: export consulting, search for business partners, marketing campaigns, negotiation and sales management.

Monica Fava, CEO ErreKappa



Monica Fava