Why we stuck with CRM?

How long have you been dealing with CRM issues?

You feel stuck with CRM and probably you know you can do more than that: get more value from it, be more effective with much less, and unstuck your CRM now!

Companies started to adopt CRM massively a few years ago. A real, effective know-how of the CRM is not yet really common. This means that CRM issues are extremely common and solutions are difficult to be found.

In the last few years, the competition in the industry boosted many new offers on the market and many interesting solutions became available. Price dropped and today almost anyone can find a solution that fits their needs.

What can be better?

When options get innumerable, decision-making becomes harder. Do-it-yourself options become appealing. It became absolutely doable to just set up an account and then put in place some, even good, processes and procedures to manage the company’s clients and contacts.

We, in the Pipedrive Expert Partner community, support this trend along with the company strategy: make it simple for anyone. We also have to acknowledge that because CRM is much more than a phone book or a mailing list, companies and entrepreneurs often need to get clear some strategic questions before expecting a system enhancement in place:

What is the expected outcome of a CRM?

What is the sales process and what, the salespeople, are required to know in order to close a deal?

CRM is a sort of backbone of the sales process, its functions range from collecting LEADS (unknown persons eventually interested) to managing customer care. We can say that it strongly depends on, but also affects the organisation execution. No system lives alone, that’s why we need to embed the CRM into the organisation’s process, starting with what has to be done.

What Expert Partners can offer to you

What we do is apply a set of expertise that helps company management in getting more effectiveness out of sales teams. We help you in pursuing an improvement with digital tools that often can require effort and, sometimes, it can cause headaches. When we talk about CRM you can outsource an enhancement project, and rely on what the Expert Partners learned by supporting many organisations on their enhancement.

We at easyCRM, as a Qualified Pipedrive Expert Partner, provide the shortcut to achieve the best setting your company requires to boost its teams’ effectiveness faster.

You can stop to do it yourself, and now outsource to experts the “boring” stuff it is useful to focus your brain on the kernel of your business: make it great!

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What if you may adopt a CRM that empower your sales reducing admin work, improving efficiency to boost your bottom line?

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