Sharing Editable documents: risks and net-iquette

Sharing Editable documents

Should you keep sharing Editable Documents?

Sharing editable document is endemic, people just send Word docs around, while they may contain pieces of software that may harm systems. Phishing or cyber attacks are rising and security is the next big issue.

The Net-i-quette suggests to share PDF format files

  • Minimise volume of data

  • Zeroing risks of transferring harmful software

  • MS Word became almost a standard. But a growing number of advanced users completely avoid Microsoft products! More solutions are now available, often way better.

    Generating PDF, starting from templates, enables cyber security but also improves customer experience.

    Practise Net-i-quette:

  • Set a PDF creation process for every document

  • Set up documents Templates

  • Connect data from CRM, automating fields fill in

  • Share documents using a repository‚Äôs link

  • All by reducing time.

     A relevant case study is available here

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