Sharing Editable documents: risks and net-iquette

PDF sharing documents

Should Editable Documents be shared ?


Sharing editable document is endemic: everyone seems enjoy sharing Word doc.

But they may contain piece of software that can potentially harm recipients computers!


Cyber attacks are increasing: Documents shared in WORD format are a media for viruses that enable cyber attacks.

  • Virus and phishing scams may take place via word format files
  • Sensible data may be stolen, like signatures 


Any solution you may choose should support a NON-Editable output. Either a PDF version or a shared version as [viewer] of a Google Doc, are much safer and more respectful of the counterpart’s preferences when it comes to sharing.


Too many documents are still shared in editable format nowadays, they are creating security issues  as well as a bad customer experience.

Generate a PDF by a template not only enable safety control and reduces operators time, but customers who receive a PDF documents can easily open it in preview or as document being sure it hasn’t been altered and can’t be changed now.


To avoid risk in sales by improving efficiency we all should:

  • Set up each document template
  • Connect data from the CRM automating fields fill in
  • Automate the PDF creation
  • Share documents by a link instead of simply attach them into email messages



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