easy CRM service pricing

Our pricing for the possible services is more than a mere transaction; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey where expertise and action converge to finely tune the pulse of your CRM strategies for success.

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to elevate your CRM experience, aligning seamlessly with your business needs and the capabilities of cutting-edge solutions. Beyond numbers, this is an immersive partnership where each service contributes to a harmonious orchestration of your business evolution.

So, we challenge you in exploring beyond the figures, and step into a realm where every service offering is a calibrated note in the symphony of your success journey. Witness the convergence of expertise, action, and finely-tuned strategies, propelling you into a new era of CRM excellence. Welcome to a transformative experience that goes beyond expectations.


what is included

  • AS IS analysis

    from £250

    1 week time, 1,5 hour interview - Written Report Included

  • Report of requirements and two possible solutions

    from £250

    Written report of requirements and relative solutions

  • Selection of 3 CRM solution matching with your requirements

    from £450

    Requirements collection and shortlisting of 3 tools that may ensure to hit your requirements under the best budget.

  • CRM Implementation support

    from £350

    Includes features design

  • CRM full implementation

    from £750

    Depending on the tool selected and functions required.

  • Sales Process redesign

    from £950

    Definition of your copany's salesprocess, design and setting plan

  • CRM Data Architecture

    from £450

    Data Quality, segmentation, reporting by data queries.

  • Workflow setting

    from £950

    From Leads generation to CRM

  • Leads Generation set up

    from £850

    tool implementation and logic design, see here (insert link to LG page)

  • Email marketing

    from £350

    Tool implemenation, logic of use, segmentation criteria and best practices

  • Web site analysis

    from £180

    Performance report, SEO report, list of critical issues and suggestion of an improvement plan

  • SEO Analysis

    from £900

    full SEO reporting and anslysis with implemenation plan, Keywords selections and

  • Customer Service setting

    from £450

    Design of processes and selection of tools fitting your company's requirements

  • Customer Care Re-Design

    from £450

    Analysis of processes and methods, project plan for reshape the service

  • Sales people training over CRM

    from £250

    Price per session - min 2 sessions | Topics of training: Leads Management, Qualification Process, Negotiation, Activity Based Selling

  • CRM Reporting and Forecasting

    from £1.100

    Trends reporting and KPIs selection, design and selection of tools according to your company's requirements