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Are you still sending editable documents to your clients?

Editable documents may create problems to you business:

  1. they are unsafe as everyone can change data 
  2. many viruses lay inside editable documents like Word

Nowadays it is considered inappropriate to send Word or Excel documents in almost any line of business.

Recipient are getting more careful in opening editable files that may harm their computers.


Pipedrive’s users have many choices that enable to create PDF documents, like proposals, in the marketplace. But what if you only need to produce contracts or NDAs or simple standard proposals?


PDF Generator for Pipedrive, the most effective easy to use, pay as you go tool for PDF documents creation!

Simple and reliable

Once set up the template sending a PDF is matter of seconds

Pay as you Go

Stop paying monthly subscriptions for tools you use rarely or some month nothing at all.

Your client's data added instantly

Your contract can get your client's data directly from your CRM.
Save time, keep hustling, not admin!

Many users?

No worries!
Cost is for the number of documents your company produce: the more documents the less you pay!

PDF documents easily sent from within pipedrive

Do you need to send documents to your client that are NOT-editable, to be signed up?

NON-editable Contracts that your salespeople can send, reliably  with few clicks?


You can now do it within pipedrive at a fraction of the cost of many solution in the marketplace:

PDF Generator for Pipedrive, the most effective easy to use, pay as you go tool for PDF documents creation!

What clients say:

“easyCRM went above and beyond in helping us transfer the CRM system. Two things stood out to me was their willingness to work through the many challenges that arose during the process and at the same time deliver a great customer experience.”
Carl J. - Client
Carl Jonsson
“We were using Salesforce for many years and lot of data where stored in it. Migrate successfully without losing history of company's relationships with stakeholders was the challenge. Fully achieved by easyCRM!Thank you. Great job DONE!”
Sholto V. -Client
Sholto Vaugan