Linkedin CRM: finally boost Linkedin Contact Management

Linkedin has never been a CRM, until now!

For years people have been trying to use LinkedIn CRM, tracking relationships through the platform, developing their network and pursuing opportunities on it.

But LinkedIn wasn’t built with the features of a CRM and it will never include them. For instance, how to segment groups or keep in touch over a task or a project with someone if you do not perfectly recall their name?

Using LinkedIn CRM is possible only if you have a good capacity to memorize.

One day, a guy decided to break this, convinced that LinkedIn’s database has an enormous potential to become the REAL-TIME SYNC database to power a relationship’s management tool.
Vedran, CEO of LeadDelta, LinkedIn Profile - LinkedIn CRM Integration Expert Vedran set LeadDelta with the vision to transform LinkedIn CRM and add to the most used platform for business people the features of a CRM.

Everyone would love to use LinkedIn contacts to efficiently manage relationships

With almost one billion users globally, LinkedIn may be a goldmine of insightful business relationships, and its database of experts and businesses is what intrigues everyone about its potential as a CRM services tool. Its most relevant feature is the real-time data available through the contribution of each contact: a database that updates its billions of data with no effort!

Managing LinkedIn Contacts for Effective CRM.

In practice, you may want to log your encounters with potential clients, partners, and associates to set, build and maintain meaningful relationships using real-time data on LinkedIn:

  1. Connection management: this is one of the simplest features but a loved one of LinkedIn. At any public gathering, you don’t need to spread business cards around, just connect on Linkedin from your smartphone by using the QR code or the person’s name. Later on, you will be able to find them on the platform and develop an idea of who they are at a glance.
  2. Profile insights: a plethora of information about your contacts may be found on their LinkedIn profiles, including their connections, interests, and past employment. You can learn a great deal about the backgrounds of your contacts by looking through these facts, which can help you personalise your discussions.
  3. Messaging and communication: This tool enables professional contact, whether it’s a brief message to introduce for a more formal discussion or a simple update on the last news messaging on Linkedin is not as invasive as direct messages are and is more personal than just emailing them. But let’s say it frankly: the message system on Linkedin sucks. There should exist a way to make it more effective! It’s here that LeadDelta offers a greater improvement to the Linkedin messages.
  4. Content sharing: the practice of engaging contacts and cultivating relationships by sharing articles, updates, and thoughts on your LinkedIn profile, then inviting contacts personally improves visibility and the possibility of developing meaningful conversations.

LinkedIn Strategy: Let’s talk about building yours

Let’s look at how LeadDelta can help us in maximising the potential LinkedIn CRM tool, as we know why it may be so useful.

Optimizing LinkedIn CRM: Segmenting Connections for Efficient Management Segment Connections

Setting “Tags” related to types of LinkedIn contacts is easy to achieve. Grouping them according to your business objectives. Making categories such as “Colleagues” “Partners” “Prospects” “Project Managers” “Recruiters” “Business Owners” and, of course, “Active Clients” enables you to easily work over those contacts’ management in the most appropriate way. In the same way, removing connections should also be simpler than the LinkedIn native interface: with LeadDelta you can make it straight away.

Engage Actively

Like, share, comment on your contacts’ posts and engage them in discussion with consistency really pays back! This enables confronting different points of view or similar values, taking the relationship to another level.

Customized Invitations

Default connection messages are boring, you can demonstrate a personal touch and real care by including a brief statement with the reason for getting in touch. Bringing up a mutual interest or familiarity may be remarkable. Something that doesn’t pass unnoticed.

Stay Informed

Periodical assessment of your contacts on Linkedin requires some time. Paying focused attention to people in some personalized categories. Remark achievements and new ventures personally with the purpose of remaining visible by engaging them or contributing by comments on their posts.

LinkedIn CRM: Sales Navigator or LeadDelta?

Linkedin Sales Navigator Logo. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is becoming a playground for salespeople as the Sales Navigator tool makes people believe they can fish on the platform just to pursue their own sales objectives.

In practice sales navigator enables users to segment the whole linkedin database with the purpose of contacting them for sales purposes. A possibility that people don’t really love. The real benefit of Linkedin as a social platform is probably the possibility to develop trust by nurturing relationships that may turn into opportunities with time.

With LeadDelta build a network gradually, because we are interesting to others and genuinely offering help is much more powerful than contacting them for a deal.

CRM integrations

CRM vendorsLinkedIn as CRM Integrations: Enhancing Relationship Management are active in developing LinkedIn integrations to keep the relationships within their CRM tools. The purpose is to let users inspect interaction history conversations, or automate some processes based on LinkedIn actions.

LeadDelta not only manages this part of the process, the network management, with a more effective interface and set of features, but it can also easily be integrated into CRM tools to move relevant contacts to it when required.

Measure Your Activity

Measure activities on LinkedIn and see how your efforts on network building are impacting the company:

  • Profile views: a growing number of views of your profile may indicate more exposure and visibility, which may lead to trustworthiness.
  • Connection requests: LinkedIn visibility impacts the frequency of connection requests you receive.
  • Posts interaction: more than impressions, what matters are interactions, with a more efficient tool for managing your LinkedIn account, posts, messages and engagement you may measure the growth of interactions with your content.

Finally you can use LinkedIn as CRM!

LeadDelta finally enables everyone to apply most of the CRM features to LinkedIn.
It empowers everyone in creating, building and maintaining business relationships that can be impactful on their business. It dramatically empowers you to engage with the relevant people and nurtures your relationship with them.

Building your network based on trust and valuable contribution is a win-win approach that become an expert to improve your capacity for networking, generating leads, and developing your business.

easyCRM Integration: Leveraging LinkedIn CRM with LeadDelta

Remember that building genuine, mutually beneficial relationships is more important than merely building connections and numbers with the sole purpose of sale when you are using LinkedIn as a CRM tool.

Are you looking for an easy CRM?

Search no further!

What if you may adopt a CRM that empower your sales reducing admin work, improving efficiency to boost your bottom line?

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