Is Linkedin your CRM?

You are frustrated because the platform doesn’t enable you in what you want?

You use Linkedin to stay in touch with your network and for you it is fine as it is?

What about

Set up

Fast and easy, no effort required. You will start managing your Linkedin contacts as a real CRM!

What you can do

Manage all your contacts, messaging, grouping them, set tasks and reminder, tags to segregate them and more.

Linkedin is a real-time database

For years people were trying to use Linked as a CRM, tracking relationships through the platform, developing their network and pursuing opportunities on it. But Linkedin wasn’t built with the feature of a CRM and it will never include them. For instance how to segment groups or keep in touch over a task or a project with someone if you do not perfectly recall their name? Using just Linkedin is possible only if you have a good capacity of memorise.

One day a guy decided to break this, convinced that Linkedin’s database has an enormous potential to become the REAL-TIME SYNC database to power a relationships management tool.

Unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn network with LeadDelta

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LeadDelta is an innovative platform that enables creatives to take control of their connections like never before. Centralize all your LinkedIn contacts in a lightweight CRM, sort and tag connections for easy organization, and ensure you never miss vital opportunities by keeping your inbox tidy. Send personalized messages at scale, uncover valuable data and insights from your network, and collaborate with your team seamlessly. LeadDelta is the key to seamless growth: no distractions, no hype, just results. Join us and experience the future of relationship management on LinkedIn.

Get It Now!

Seize the opportunity to supercharge your LinkedIn network! Get started with our ‘Full Implementation and Training’ package today. Let us take you by the hand and ensure you make the most of LeadDelta. Don’t miss out on efficient networking, better relationship management, and immediate results. Revolutionize your professional connections and streamline your networking today.

Our Offer

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About Us

We bride the gap between business and technology.

We understand clients needs, problems and challenges they are going through.
We make technology work the best for your business.

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What clients say

“We are extremely grateful for the exceptional assistance provided by easyCRM consultant during our CRM system deployment. With their in-depth knowledge and personalised guidance, our implementation journey was a resounding success.”
Zy Dainys
“We were using Salesforce for many years and lot of data where stored in it. Migrate successfully without losing history of company's relationships with stakeholders was the challenge. Fully achieved by easyCRM! Thank you. Great job DONE!”
Sholto Vaughan
Sholto Vaugan
“We relied on easyCRM for the evaluation and adoption of a CRM software that could meet the different needs of our business model based on a value-network architecture.”
monica fava errekappa
Monica Fava
“easyCRM went above and beyond in helping us transfer the CRM system. Two things stood out to me was their willingness to work through the many challenges that arose during the process and at the same time deliver a great customer experience.”
Carl J. - Client
Carl Jonsson

Ready to transform your LinkedIn game?

Experience the full power of LeadDelta with our exclusive 'Full Implementation and Training' package.

Don’t wait, make the leap today. 

Unlock your LinkedIn potential and convert connections into opportunities with LeadDelta!

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