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How do you deal with technicians who are supposed to set up a mission-critical solution -the CRM- When no one in your business has the right expertise?

When vendor’s partners provide a package for implementation, do you feel comfortable or you may want something more tailor-made?

How to drive a Tailor-Made CRM Implementation Project
as a Mission Critical Solution

Customer Experience - A behavioral approch.

Your business processes impact your bottom line, don’t leave them vandalise by technicians!

Do you consider your CRM as Mission-Critical?

You know that CRM is well beyond just a software.

A tech solution only pays back its cost when is designed around the effective business processes of a business. Your team will be required to imagine how to migrate the processes run on the existing methodology.

To make it happen you should define the processes in clear terms and limitations that impact on the customer experience, design them in a technical logic for them to remain optimal for the customer experience -or even improve- and be efficient using the CRM technology you may want to adopt.

Either you already have a CRM in place or you would like to migrate into a new one

Or maybe you just have spreadsheets and you need to set in place a more effective CRM solution

Your business fits into a simplistic CRM set up. Can it?

  • If you don’t agree then you need to discuss a project tailored on your effective needs…

CRM impacts your sales

  • You want to design your CRM to boost sales.
  • Why would you delegate it to a provider who barely understand your business?

Is it Customer Experience relevant to you?

  • Experience is what clients get interacting with your salespeople.
  • CRM impacts on the relationships with clients: a unique challenge you don’t want to get from just a software’s standard approach.

How much effort has taken set up your company’s ERP?

  • Mission-Critical Software are all but not simple.
  • Why the CRM, the mission-critical sales tool, should be simpler?

How do your clients perceive the purchasing value?

  • Are you offering a mission-critical solution to your clients?
  • Complex sales process imply complex design.

Three elements should provide you evidence of the mission-critical role of the CRM:

        • The Sales Process complexity

        • The Activity Management for Salespeople

        • Reporting and Forecasting to Decision Making Support

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The Sales process Complexity

The CRM Pipeline is the virtual mirroring of the sales process. If you can univoquely describe your business sales process, then you can set up the pipeline accordingly.

Activity Management for Salespeople

We can’t control our client’s decision making: but we can perform all the actions at the best in order to match client’s expectations.

Reporting & Forecasting to Decision Making

Data are your most valuable asset: by data analysis and effective reporting & forecasting may impact your decision for the business success. How do you design this essential part of the CRM implementation?

Features you can add to you CRM

Data decluttering, cleanse, update and alteration made easy.

Fully automated workflows to keep data up to date effortlessly.

Docusign CRM Integration

The standard for e-signature: contract are legally binded everywhere in the world.

Documents’ lifecycle within CRM.

Sales documents, information and presentation are now sharable under a dedicated mini-portal for each client.

Full control of behaviours and engagement.

Remote sales imply virtual-meetings with prospective clients.

Bring efficiency in meetings management to dispense same successful methods among sales teams.

We can’t avoid Whatsapp integration in business any longer.

Track it for safety purposes but also enable it for marketing goal!

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Software Projects or Process?

Do you know what’s the difference between “Project” and “Process”?

  • Project is when the outcome is ok if everything works fine
  • Process is when the output is ok if nothing breaks
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