CRM Implementation Project

When your business doesn’t just fit in a box!

pipedrive implementation project

Tailor-made CRM implementation project,
a Business Critical Solution

Customer Experience - A behavioral approch.

Do you feel your CRM may be a business critical for you?

Business owners may feel their expectations are unmatched by pre-packed projects

Entrepreneurs who prefer a personal solution over a standard deployment, that focuses on a critical part of their business: effectiveness in sales process management!

You already have a CRM in place and you need to migrate it.

Or you just have spreadsheets and you need to improve into a more effective and efficient solution.

Your business can’t fit into a simple CRM setting?

  • If you think so, maybe you may want to discuss your project as more tailored on your effective needs…

CRM may impact your sales process: the way you sell.

  • You want to plan that impact to boost sales, not just leave it to the output of an external provider who barely understand your business.

The importance of the client experience

  • Experiencing your company is also what clients experience interacting with your salesperson.
  • CRM impacts on the salespeople relationships with clients: a unique challenge you don’t want just automate or include into a software’s standard approach.

How much effort has required to set up your company’s ERP?

  • Business Critical Software are all but not simple to set in place. Why the CRM, a business critical tool for sales effectiveness, should be just simple to get started with a pre-packed project?

How does your clients perceive the purchasing value?

  • Are you actually offering a business critical solution to improve your clients’ business?
    The more articulate the sales process is, the more critical the design is.

Three elements should provide you evidence of the complexity of a CRM Implementation Project:

        • Sales Process

        • Activities in Sales

        • Reporting and Forecasting

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Sales process

A Pipeline is the virtual mirroring of the sales process. If you can clearly describe your sales process then you can set up a pipeline according to it.

Activities in Sales

We can’t control our client’s decision making: we can perform all the best actions to impact the client expectations.

Reporting and forecasting

Data in the CRM is your most valuable asset: data analysis and proper reporting may impact your business success.

Features you can add to a CRM

Insycle data management

Data decluttering, cleanse, update and alteration made easy.

Fully automated workflows to keep data up to date effortlessly.

Docusign CRM Integration

The standard for e-signature: contract are legally binded everywhere in the world.

Documents’ lifecycle within pipedrive.


Sales documents, information and presentation are now sharable under a dedicated mini-portal for each client.

Full control of behaviours and engagement.

Idiligo: ensuring the best sales process performance among all salespeople

Remote sales imply virtual-meetings with prospective clients.

Bring efficiency in meetings management to dispense same successful methods among sales teams.

Still unsure? Give us a shout!

Happy to check your needs and provide you a valuation of the project budget.

CRM Implementation need guidance!

Let’s clarify this: a price effective CRM solution, may be tricky: running costs are definitely affordable, but DIY may derail your capability to use it at the best.

Project Management Pricing

AGILE Implementation Project Management

  • Deliverables per effort.

  • Execution within the planned effort

  • Effort in hours

  • Standard single hour rate £130,00

Software Implementation Projects

The difference between project and process:

  • Project is when outcome is possible if everything works fine.
  • Process is when the output is sure if the process doesn’t break.
Businessman working on laptop with CREATIVE PROCESS inscription, new business concept

First you may benefit of the book on pipedrive

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🔥 Data Management and Optimization

Trust the CRM experts: Implementation Project Solutions

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