How to use pipedrive

Are you looking to enhance your sales process management?

Pipedrive advanced Visual Pipeline paired with Activities Based Selling integration.

How to use pipedrive

You only need a simple guidance on how to use Pipedrive CRM to become a CRM master in 5 days!

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How to use Pipedrive CRM for your business

Take a book and learn pipedrive

If you are about to decide if pipedrive can work for you? Let’s then focus on two main parameters:

    • Your Business Model

    • Your Sales Process

How to use Pipedrive - sales management CRM

What is Pipedrive and how does it work?

What is Pipedrive?

The CRM Pipedrive is a platform that can help to grow your business; its focus on sales process may enable business in iproving sales effectiveness. Tailor your sales processes, import and manage leads, and guide them through the sales cycle—all with a user-friendly interface.

Business to consumer or business to business?

Definitely Business to Business

About how you use Pipedrive and improve sales

The decision making may require several interactions, including a demonstration or the possibility to shape a custom solution. Pipedrive may help on it.

Clients with critical purchase:

The more articulate the management of the sales process is, the more Pipedrive may nelp in support sales people working better.

Three elements should provide you evidence:

    • Visual Sales pipeline

    • Activities Based Selling

    • Deal centred focus

Is Pipedrive really easy to use?

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Visual sales pipeline

Pipedrive was the first CRM developed around the Kanban approach to sales pipeline management. This disruptive idea, later adopted by other CRMs, is a dealbreaker. The reason lies in the opportunity to break down the process in stages and consider each stage effectiveness before relating to the whole process efficiency.

ABS, Activities Based Selling methodology

This selling method implies that sales persons can’t control the decision of their clients, they can effectively control their own performance on what the client is expecting to experience along the purchasing process. Being capable to perform any expected activity -that exert results – at the best, is the only way to perform an effective sales process.

Deal Centred Focus

Pipedrive’s main object is the DEAL, the opportunity to pursue by applying the company’s resources and effort to convert it into a thriving operation. Pipedrive set the deal management at the very core of the business attention. No fuss, everything aims to take the deal to the next level!

Where Pipedrive can show its limits?


Pipedrive developed a campaign management that may also be well designed, but it is strongly frustrared by the company’s lack of understanding of the GDPR. This is what happens when rules are interpreted in a strict fashion. User get frustrated and the tool become useless.

Layout configuration

If you need a CRM to support processes not in sales, maybe you want to alter the layout of the pages, then Pipedrive offers very limited possibilities. Great for the sales process, less useful for anything else.


Born as a competitive solution for SME, pipedrive started adding features also outside its core. I believe that in the pursue of ROI the company is now pushing towards more expensive subscription by strongly limiting many features of the most convenient subscriptions.


The tool complexity is growing, it now enables much more features and possibilities, but it comes by reducing its remarkable simplicity.

Must Have for Pipedrive

Insycle data management

Data decluttering, cleanse, update and alteration made easy.

Fully automated workflows to keep data up to date effortlessy.

Docusign CRM Integration

The standard for e-signature: contract are legally binded everywhere in the world.

Documents’ lifecycle within pipedrive.

PDF generator for Pipedrive

Simple PDF filled with CRM data for instructions and marketing activities.

Pay as you go per documents created.


Sales documents and presentation are now sharable in a dedicated portal for each client.

Full control of behaviours and engagement.

Idiligo: ensuring the best sales process performance among all salespeople

Remote sales imply virtual-meetings with prospective clients.

Bring efficiency in meetings management to dispense same successful methods among sales teams.

timelines AI -Whatsapp

Automate your processes with, manage WhatsApp for your business, and improve your sales and customer support teams.

Create rules on WhatsApp
and focus on business growth!

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