How to use Brevo: a CRM & Leads Generation Tool

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Interested in Brevo?

A Simple and yet effective Marketing Automation that drives Leads Generation into an uncomplicated CRM

Marketing Automation

Brevo is a fully comprehensive marketing automation. From email marketing to web visitors or broswer notifications campaign.

Inbound or outbound?

With Brevo you can play both sides: create marketing campaigns to attract an audience, then remarketing contacts by omnichannels campaigning with zero effort

Sales process on Brevo

The tool also includes a CRM for sales process management. You can create pipelines and manage deals on it

Small business boost?

Brevo is definitely an option to consider. Don't get weird by its little pricing, if you run a small business you will find more than what you need in Brevo.

Positive features

Brevo is good when you need to retrieve each contact’s information. Ease to search and visualise the record page, including exchanged messages of any kind.

Where Brevo
could be less effective

Where Brevo is not useful

If you manage a sales process, then Brevo may probably be not the best solution.

The sales process management is developed below the possibilities and you may find hard to stay on top of your deals management, and Brevo also lacks of an effective task management feature.

Do you need to deal with Brevo implementation?


Let’s discuss how to set it for the best for your business

CRM and Multichannel Communication.

Multichannel Communication

All channels at same time at each user's fingertip. Your smartphone will include all in one app only!

CRM,Analysis, Reporting And Forecasting

Sales Process / Leads generation

Your sales people can operate on the sales process, while the Leads Generation is managed by the marketing person.

Sales Process Management.

Organise contacts on lists and segments

Each list, or a segment of list, has its own purpose and is already segregated by the whole population. You can create dynamic or static audiences.

What Brevo may do for your business?

Brevo CRM is an extremely easy-to-use platform to boost leads generation.

Business to Business or Business to Consumer?

Definitively business to consumer. Or mainly focused on leads nurturing and contact management, Brevo’s best feature is the campaign management.

Email marketing campaign made easy

With generous plans that lower the cost per contact Brevo is also among the most effective email-marketing campaign tools up to date.

What clients say:

“easyCRM went above and beyond in helping us transfer the CRM system. Two things stood out to me was their willingness to work through the many challenges that arose during the process and at the same time deliver a great customer experience.”
Carl J. - Client
Carl Jonsson
“We were using Salesforce for many years and lot of data where stored in it. Migrate successfully without losing history of company's relationships with stakeholders was the challenge. Fully achieved by easyCRM! Thank you. Great job DONE!”
Sholto Vaughan
Sholto Vaugan