How to find more clients?

Every business needs a digital strategy to run!

how to find more clients

11 areas for ranking on Google with 0 budget
an actionable list:

1 Long-tail Keywords

- Target specific, less competitive long-tail keywords

- Optimize for stretegic keywords

- Focus on the search intention behind keywords

- Plan links exchange with peers and clients

- Create a Google My Business listing and encourage reviews

2 Local SEO

- Optimize for localised searches

- Include mentions to local businesses in the area

- Set links exchange with local clients

- Set local news websites collaboration to share news and relevant content

3 Focus on Value Creation for Users

- Create valuable, relevant, and user-focused content

- Include valuable tips and information that truly help yoru audience

- Helping is the new Selling

4 Content creation

- Focus on highly interesting contents, select catchy titles and attractive sub heading

- Accommodate multi media contents: articles, interviews, podcasts, videos...

- Refer to relevant topics Industry-Specific

- Create a suspance, a tension in the story

- Set informal tone, when possible, simply but not trite

- Be prepared to produce tons of contents with the support of AI

- Do not repeat contents: be original

5 Content Optimization

- Focus on deep optimization

- Set a keywords strategy and select one keyword for each single content

- Add few secondary keywords to each content

- Include relevant links to highly rated domains

- Set anchor-links for other directly related content within your domain

- Think to create value for your reader: link only relevant contents

- Optimize page titles, headings, meta tags, and alt text

6 Website Performance

- Ensure fast and mobile-friendly website

- Optimize images, CSS, and JavaScript

- Provide a smooth user experience

- Optimize HTML code for light, fast pages upload

7 User Experience

- Set a website layout clear, simple and catchy

- Ensure clear navigation between pages and sections

- Make sure mobile navigation is great, not just ok!

- Remember: less is more

8 Local Directories and Industry-Specific Platforms

- Leverage local directories and industry-specific platforms for visibility

9 Social Media Presence

- Register on relevant social media platforms

- Offer really valuable content, engage with followers in discussing

- Share link to new content in direct message to relevant contacts and encourage sharing

10 Earn Backlinks

- Create high-quality content that attracts backlinks

- Engage with industry specific opinion leaders

- Offer backlinks exchange with other relevant businesses

- Be prepared to pay for hosting original content with backlinks, but only when you are sure your content can create value for their audience

11 Reviews and Testimonials

- Ak customers for a reviews immediately when they are happy

- Develop a shared reputation

- Hug your heaters: bad reviews must be welcome!

Remember: success takes time and consistent effort. Focus on providing value, optimizing resources, learning and being patient.

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