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Are you still dealing with CRM implementation?

Have you been unable to find the right CRM services yet?

You are not alone: Small and medium businesses are squeezed between the rising cost of labour, the shortage of skills and limited financial resources.

Businesses are pressured to execute digital transformation, which often implies changing workflows, sales processes, and leads generation methods.
CRM may sits at the kernel of the business process, at least leads generation and business development side = Sales.

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Getting new clients is the effect of few factors:

  1. a remarkable web-presence: directly or indirectly the quality of a business web presence matters a big deal on people’s decision.
  2. an outstanding sales process management: once clients enter the door they want to find what they need.
  3. exceptional financial management: financial resources are limited by definition. Be capable to achieve more with less is the art of business.
  4. a “good enough” product: of course good enough is not enough, but quality is matter of perception, the match between product and needs is the entrepreneurial core.

How to leverage web presence, sales process, finance and production in shortage of skills, resources and facing rising costs??

We may be of help

easyCRM –Your CRM made easy– can provide CRM know-how in the area of CRM, Leads generation and sales.

We are not going to help with product and finance, but you are not gonna ask that to us…

Customer Relationship Management is well beyond the tech solution to keep in touch with clients.
CRM is a methodology that first creates and sustains viable and fruitful relationships with customers, relationships that initiate since the leads generation stage.
This is why easyCRM provides a holistic approach that helps entrepreneurs in aligning the whole business process from the web presence, to the leads generation and then the relationship management along the way.
We own tech solutions, we use them to develop only what the client really needs.

CRM know-how

Enable efficient implementation of processes and procedures, enable keep track of information efficiently, ensure better decision making by improved information.
Abilitate organisation navigate the digital transformation upon good CRM design and implementation.

With our easy CRM tools immediately available to-use:

  • Workbook
  • Checklists
  • Templates

Enabling quick learning of all you need to know about CRM.
We make sure you get the most of your CRM.
As your business grows, usage and requirements may change. We provide a full range of services to stay on top of your changing needs.
We provide CRM services via our strong CRM expertise to assist you with both the development of a CRM strategy and its implementation.

In the context of B2B business, where salespeople play a vital role, we are experts in configuration and implementation. Upon analysing your existing data, we design the data architecture and shape it into a system that perfectly meets your business requirements.

  • Developing your relationship management logic

  • Providing support for selection

  • Customising the settings of the platform

  • Implementing the CRM

  • Test the implementation and fine-tuning its settings

  • Training teams in the management of change in procedures and routines

Managing interactions with leads effectively is a key CRM execution the software should support at the best.

We will work with you to ensure your strategy is clear, your data is accurate, and your goals are being achieved. Knowledge, skills, and expertise you need are now available.

As a result of our extensive CRM expertise, we are able to provide you with the latest thinking from business leaders to enable you to deploy a successful CRM project.

Using our CRM services, entrepreneurs are able to achieve their business objectives. In addition to providing CRM consulting and implementation services, we also provide training and continue support.

Our mission is to help companies create competitive advantage through CRM, while streamlining their business processes at the same time.

CRM challenge

A complex, mission critical solution requires a perfect comprehension of its purpose in the business to be effective.

Only a business analysis run by experts in business, not IT people, may highlight what are the effective functions to put in place. Not all the information technology possibilities are useful for all types of businesses. Only what really improves people’s job efficiency should be considered.

A change management should be expected,  embracing digital transformation is part of the journey.

Designing what and how a CRM should work is a matter of business, not technology.

What is the ‘best’ CRM? 
Or “what is the best CRM for my business”

Each business develops a unique approach to their mission. A mission critical software should be able to not frustrate it, but instead empower people to run workflows and procedures in the simplest possible way.

There is no reason for businesses of medium size to spend millions for tailor made software, Let Tom Siebel sit in the history.
Today the wide range of many market’s platforms may embrace virtually any kind of business needs, enabling adoption with moderate customisation.
But the process to select one of the 800+ (and growing) solutions available in the market may be overwhelming to anyone.

This is why we first run a scope analysis by design and only later we define a possible selection that may fit the requirements.

activity based selling
CRM certified solution Providers

Implementing a digital CRM is a process that includes lots of tasks like setting each operator views and workflows, set the database architecture.

Testing is also extremely important. Ready to use platforms definitively help in reducing the implementation time, but first of all a correct design of features leads to a more effective implementation, then setting up the required features and routines inside the tools is a matter of executing a plan.

We set up the system then rapidly onboard your team reducing the adoption time.

We support your team’s empowerment to hit higher productivity levels.

If almost everyone nowadays can easily start using a digital tool, a different story is to be able to get the most effective know-how.

Efficiency in workflow and procedures management makes the job less demanding and more productive.

Don’t let people learn alone, investing on their skill improvement has a relevant ROI in sales!

ERP Reporting Vs CRM forecasting
CRM design

No need to change tool, just make it work for your team, grow it with your business and enhance efficiency

Decision making processin planning system revamp, or a change-over, or even start using a digital CRM tool for the first time, you may want to bring into play your CRM expert in outsourcing: easyCRM, we make it easy for you.

How critical is the Customer Relationship Management for your own business?
Where should someone’s effort be spent for the best result, in selecting digital tools or managing the business?If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner how can you better
allocate your time and resources?

easyCRM is the partner you can rely on to support your business in everything that matters about Customer Relationship Management, as alternative solutions as well as a strategybefore it.

We are here to help!

Data management implies a clear strategy on the expected knowledge that data should provide. Information is built upon data, then knowledge is the ultimate outcome of a good information set. 

Data are the bricks to build information, how they are collected, affect their clarity, while the dataset is the architecture of the data that enables information shaping

We define the architecture to enable efficiency in your information genesis, then we help in maintaining a clean set of data you can rely on.

pipedrive services
pdf for pipedrive

Each business has specific goals, to support them a set workflows and functions are in place and they can be facilitated by digital tools.

Lots of integrations may complete the tool functionalities, enhance the native functions a tool may have and empower it.
The right integrations in place boost team’s productivity, simplify data collection and boost people’s happiness at work. 

Voice Over IP, document e-signature, ERP data exchange… Just let us know your needs and we will develop the right integrator for you.

CRM services for small business: outsource them to easyCRM!

Marketing automation tools are paramount to funnelling new fresh prospects in the sales process. 

Any B2B business also needs a continued flow of new clients. Accordingly with your business model you may need a specific features pattern, considering your marketing processes and requirements.

Generating new leads and moving them into the sales process impacts the efficiency of your business, while the capability of your team to convert more deals is supported by the digital CRM your team uses.

We are your partner to set up the most effective marketing automation your business needs. 

Your digital marketing agency will run the marketing for you, and your leads will be in your CRM instantly.

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