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Case Study:  PDF for Pipedrive

Country: Italia
Industry: furniture retail
The client’s Problem: print a discount voucher directly from Pipedrive CRM
The Solution’s expected benefits: time saving for salespeople, reliability of the process
Situation analysis -As Is –

Business case:
Arredia is a furniture retailer headquartered in Torino, Italia. Their business model is B2C but their most strong asset relies on the process of Sales Qualification of Leads (SQL)
The output of the SQL process are people to whom they offer very special deals for renewing their home furniture. To achieve that, each sales rep discusses with the leads about their needs, requirements and their specific situation. It enables the sales rep to assess the Sales Qualification over three main parameters:

    • Are they ready to buy?
    • How many other solutions have they already seen?
    • When would they like the job to be done?
    • Have they set a proper budget for the investment?

The“qualification process” is performed on leads generated by marketing campaigns: when leads show interest on the various campaigns: social media campaigns or Google ADw campaign, or even email direct-marketing about home furniture, they get qualified as MQL (marketing qualified leads).
This perfectly designed business process was run by email: The forms were sending emails of each lead, and the sales manager was in charge of collecting and storing the emails then routing leads to the salespeople one by one.
Salespeople were then expected to start the process by calling each lead and writing down information. Doing that manually without tracking neither the effort nor the relationship’s milestones or stages of the process.

Voucher Creation Workflow:
The workflow was run manually and each voucher sent was prepared manually one by one using CANVA. Just for this process the salesperson was required to log into CANVA, open the voucher file, change the data on the voucher’s fields then save it as a new PDF with the client’s name then transfer it into the repository.
Once the voucher was ready, the sales rep could send it via email to the prospect person.

The Solution as a whole
How we made the solution possible getting effective results: The Leads Management process was set:
At Pipedrive’s implementation we connected all the existing forms already in place Contact Form 7 in each landing page with Pipedrive via a dedicated plugin – CRM entries by CRM Perks – This plugin enables almost the same functionalities of the native Pipedrive’s webform: smoothly pushing data into Leads’ Table fields.
Once leads show up in the table an Pipedrive Workflow Automation generates a deal into an initial stage of the SALES pipeline visible only to the Sales Manager.
The Sales manager operates routing: assigning leads to the relevant salesperson. To assign to the right salesperson, the sales manager only has to change the deal’s ownership – something that she can do even in bulk.
The change of the deal’s owner triggers another Pipedrive Workflow Automation that transfers also leads’ ownership to the salesperson and moves the deal into the very first stage of the sales process.
In the initial stage [New Leads to Contact] of the sales process they become visible to the assigned salesperson who can start performing the planned activities.

Then the visual sales process’ pipeline unfolds in several stages:

  • A stage for calling attempt
  • A parking-type stages where prospects aren’t really ready for purchasing
  • A stage where the meeting is agreed
  • A stage for meeting’s confirmation (deal winning)

Usually we suggest not to divide in stages what are simply “Activities”, in this case they adopted 3 stages for calling and 3 stages for “not ready yet”, in aim to help the overview on prospects distribution for each stage and how many of them are workable.

The Voucher automated creation solution
The voucher creation takes place when the prospect decides to book the meeting with the interior designer. It can happen at any stage, from the first contact call or at the last one, after months of delaying.

Here how the technical solution that generated an remarkable effort saving for salespeople, has been designed:
Voucher creation implies the salesperson only to run PDF GENERATOR an integrated app for PDF for Pipedrive by a click, this an application that users have downloaded from Pipedrive’s marketplace.

The application collects data from Pipedrive:

  • The client’s name
  • Voucher value
  • Date of offer expiration

Then the PDF Generator immediately outputs the voucher in PDF, attaching it to the deal and sending it to the client’s email address.


Client’s benefits:


Adopting PDF Generator
The cost of thePDF generator application is only a few cents each voucher generated, but the savings in time and mental effort of the salesforce is priceless.

    • KPI:
      • Up to 6 minutes of salespeople each voucher produced

More benefits:

    • Salespeople’s time enhancement to focus on the relationship with prospects,
    • Voucher creation optimised using light PDF format, easier to share via email

Embracing the digital transformation based on Pipedrive:
Overall the cost of Pipedrive is a fraction of the value of time savings. The investment for the design and implementation project was about a few thousands of euro. It boosts the investment ROI at +200% after two years.

    • KPI:
      • Up 1 hour per day of the sales manager
      • +28% in leads management
      • +22% of turnover (first year)

More benefits:`

      • Data stored in Pipedrive improving Reporting and Forecasting capability
      • Improved reliability of sales process thanks automated routines
      • Improved responsibility of sales people using trackable activities
      • Improvement of accountability of each salesperson about data management

Final Considerations

This is an interesting example of digital transformation for small businesses: before the Pipedrive’s implementation the whole business was managed by emails, spreadsheets, CANVA and …the ERP.

Arredia really achieved a big leap by implementing Pipedrive and PDF Generator, their working environment definitely improved for sales people, nurturing effectiveness: more results with less effort. It has created a more efficient sales process and a better environment for employees.

Salespeople can now turn their focus on what is really the core value of their role: create amazing relationships with their customers!

It results in an overall better customer experience. Should I add how this affects the bottom line in the long term?

If you are interested in learning more about the Why’s of Pipedrive you can read it here.

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