CRM workshop

What a CRM really is and why organisation should use it.

Poster of CRM workshop

Maybe not everyone knows that the great majority of organisations that use a CRM simply do not use it at its best. Not to mention the many that don’t have a CRM in place at all.

CRM became more fashionable in the last 10 years thanks to Salesforce. It really boosted the solution in the market and allowed many companies to benefit from it. In recent years, there have been many new technologies developed with the proposition of “good for everyone”.


Antonio Specchia during CRM workshop

We, easyCRM, have run a Workshop in Cagliari, the birth place of a Digital Unicorn,Tiscali. From that heritage, the tech professionals and start-up community has seen a remarkable growth in Cagliari like no other place in Italy and beyond.

Even if there are no Silicon or a Valley in Cagliari, and actually neither a Big Ben, the number of tech people who decide to stay and invest on new ideas, is still growing. The man behind that growth and commitment to support the tech community is the notable Mario Mariani.

The Net Value

CRM workshop

The Net Value is the start-up accelerator run by Mr. Mariani which has been praised by many entrepreneurs and tech people. We had the pleasure of run a Workshop upon CRM. Just a couple of points that people took away from the event, based on received feedbacks:

  • Engaging – everyone interacted not only to ask questions but to contribute as well.
  • Helpful – the most common feedback was: finally I’ve got what damn a CRM really is!

Being Italians we are proud to help Italians; being Londoners we are totally immersed into one of the most powerful tech ponds in the world and we face that challenging environment every day. What we learn is what we share.

Antonio Specchia during CRM workshop

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