CRM sales management tool. Is your CRM the sales tool?

CRM as sales management tool

Is really the CRM a sales management tool used on a daily basis?


When the CRM is only perceived as a tool that may be of some help, but the real sales process happens somewhere else, we have a problem. In this case the CRM implementation may be run poorly and the relevance of the tool is undervalued. 



Usage of the digital tool: CRM sales management tool of everyday job


Activities in sales happen everyday.


When salespeople keep the ball rolling day after day more prospects become clients. Quality of actions and consistency along the sales process may support more deals to convert. From collecting requirements to analyse the need, from qualification to test and trial, are all actions that will boost the sales process conversion rate. If sales people only track activities seldom, the result is a discontinuity and it influences effectiveness: leads’ journey can be unmanned and conversion will be stuck. 


By making activities management enjoyable, CRM can help to skip lack of usage. 

Less effort on achieving the daily duties, made possible by a good user interface and a proper logic behind the system -process Management- , will engage salespeople in using the tool because they feel the benefit. This is about the quality of the tool, but also a correct implementation.

Organisational Commitment in processes management via CRM.

Organisations may perceive the CRM as a “nice to have” or a tool that in some way “we must have“. This approach doesn’t place the tool at the kernel of the sales process management via CRM. When this situation happens, the digital CRM remains a tool of little use, sometimes neglected, always not central for the daily duty of salespeople. This leads to a lack of use, lack of understanding, lack of familiarity with the tool. Often perceived as a sort of Reporting tool to control the job done…

When organisations rely on the CRM as a sales management tool.

When CRM is the sales process management tool, it should facilitate sales people to stick with activities on a daily basis. Bringing deals along the journey to make them properly discover the value proposition. To achieve that, the system must be designed mirroring the real “sales process” so that the sales person is empowered in taking control of everyday results. Salespeople will easily bring forward each deal to complete the journey.


Sales is a people game


Any digital tools should facilitate salespeople in playing that game. When everything is designed around the relationship it gives the ability to manage people better, and ultimately collect more useful data to close deals, it empowers salespersons to be more focused on the real persona and their needs.




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