The importance of CRM reporting and forecasting

Case study

  • Industry:  Digital
  • Business model:  Business To Business
  • Company dimensions:  20 mil
  • Company type: International


The AS IS Situation

Our client asked us to support their team in a project to develop a better Reporting and Forecasting in their Pipedrive CRM. The company has 20 salespeople in two teams who follow 7 markets in 3 continents and they are growing. 



The project went well beyond just setting the reporting tool, that would be too easy. 

We went through the data architecture of their DBs, defining what was working and what wasn’t, clarifying the dataset rules in order to optimise R&F outputs. Among the client’s expectations they didn’t list the need to learn how to use the CRM, that was something not considered as a problem. In fact, the setting of a more efficient data architecture requires to change the CRM use, mainly the data input should be carefully redesigned to enable a leverage on a more effective dataset.

The importance of CRM reporting and forecasting 1


The outcome of the project has been wider and deeper. It came out that many deals were forgotten along the process, there were contacts that have never been touched. There were also missing data in Deals as well as in organisations and people DBs. Essentially the use of many Pipedrive features was suboptimal, especially about Activities Management. The reporting showed a lack of consistency in tracking activities done and managing the dialogues with counterparts along the sales process. One outcome was to review the Sales Process, setting it with more direct and efficient stages and actions to do. Beside Pipedrive standard reporting, we also set up a BI tool combining it with some Pipedrive dashboards and DB queries. The two together offer a much better experience in data rendering, charts and queries for a detailed analysis.


You went well beyond expectations, we were thinking to just set up a reporting dashboard, not remake our data management system, but thanks to your approach we discovered a lot of black holes and now we are more aware of what is going on

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