CRM Migration challenge


  • Client: Services Provider Company
  • Location: Norrköping (SW)
  • Dimension: 7 employees 

The company developed a bespoke CRM 5 years ago. Their provider used Filemaker as a platform to develop a CRM solution that worked fine so long. Last year the CEO felt the limitation of a server-based tool, especially while dealing with the organisational growth over several countries.

How do a CRM migration?

In this CRM migration, we had to face not only the export of data from a database with its own logic and tables organisation, but also the challenge to run it on a just-in-time fashion. For several months the company had been using two CRMs, the original Filemaker application on their own server, while new employees in other countries were using Pipedrive.

After some months of testing not only the software but also (and probably mainly) testing the organisational growth, they decided to finally merge the two solutions. We had this picture: sales people at the main branch were using the FM application on daily basis, whilst people abroad were using Pipedrive CRM.

The sales process is actually strongly based on “activities to do” and they are managed in the CRM. It implied that none of them could suspend to use it or even risk to lose contact data or ToDo tasks stored in it.

The project of the CRM migration

We decided to plan a merging date where the older solution would be stopped and since that day all data would be ready to use in the same person’s user into Pipedrive CRM Cloud account.

We know that digital projects can be surprising and not always for the good. So we had to restore the first CRM migration and plan migration test in order to verify not only that contact data would be moved properly, but also activities (roughly 30 thousands) and deals history (just several thousands) would be moved properly and re-joined to the right user, person, deal and company: being in the calendar at the right date of issue.

All of it had to be done without deleting data, avoiding duplicates or not required merging of contacts, controlling people and companies names into two DBs to merge them at the right time.

Actually the project required several testing sessions, using a sandbox to avoid issues on the live system. Once it was verified that the process was successful, we planned a weekend to perform it. This allowed the salespeople to start on Monday by just logging into Pipedrive account finding exactly the information they were working on the week before.

Each deal is worth thousands and no one should be lost or delayed for any reason. Also in this case, we helped the company to shape the sales process management tool at its best in order to fit their needs, creating an easy-to-use CRM that improves effectiveness on sales.

We are proud to support entrepreneurs in their process of enhancing their business competitiveness. Our mission is to make our clients thrive!

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