Do you need to choose a CRM? Here 4 hints for you

Need to choose a CRM? this is for you.

Why choosing a CRM is such a challenge?

Do you feel there should be more leads in your pipeline?

Choose a CRM is quite important: CRM is the tool to manage the customers’ journey from the first contact to the last invoice. Keep tracking, but mainly control and manage interactions in the purpose to enhance their experience. Delight customers and win their trust converting them into paying clients is the final goal!

Software or Business Strategy?

Choose a CRM! Playing with leads interactions has effect on their appetite to your products / services. Customers can be on diet or even fasting if they don’t like the interactions with your business. That’s why be able to manage the customer journey has a direct effect on the business growth.Design the journey from lead to a happy customer is a long term planning, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Choose the CRM that works for you.

As you probably know, there is no solution that fit all needs, better to be prepared to experiment then.

Elements to drive the selection:

  • Type of business

  • Value per transaction (each sale value)

  • Frequency of sales

  • Complexity of Sales process pipeline(s)

  • Dimension of the sales team

  • Future developments

The CRM market became quite crowded lately, give some kind of orienteering beyond just tow or three big names definitely exceed the scope of this paper, we can only suggest to be smart in the selection process: Brands matter, but today also new comers can be good, especially with limited budgets. But most important it is to keep experimenting: it can take a lot of time as any strategic decision.

Implementing the CRM

No matter if you are facing this stage from the scratch of you are just migrating into a new solution: clarify objectives is paramount.

  • Plan it as a project

  • Appoint a dedicated team to run it

  • Design the sales processes

  • Embrace Agile

  • Think as your customers would

  • Engage the sales team

Ok now you are just on board: be aware that customisations will be a great part of the project, better be prepared to a long term improvement instead of a big bang. Take your time to design them whilst on going, Technology changes but also business needs do. Being able to alter and to adapt integrations and functionalities is a competitive advantage once you have got it you can move ahead and bring more clients and retain them.

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