Activity based selling and CRM

A good way to improve sales is to change your mindset. When we hear the word “selling,” probably “closing a deal” might be the first idea that comes to mind. While it makes sense to think about closing a deal, first we can instead focus on what makes it possible, close a deal is the outcome […]

Use the right tools: Why use a proper CRM

In this article:  Use the right CRM: Software tools purpose and scope. Time – 5 min Purpose – Decision making Have you ever used a knife as a screwdriver? We probably all have done it once: the ability to make things happen with limited resources is what makes entrepreneurs successful, isn’t it? Well, not always. […]

CRM Migration challenge

Client: Services Provider Company Location: Norrköping (SW) Dimension: 7 employees  The company developed a bespoke CRM 5 years ago. Their provider used Filemaker as a platform to develop a CRM solution that worked fine so long. Last year the CEO felt the limitation of a server-based tool, especially while dealing with the organisational growth over […]

CRM workshop

What a CRM really is and why organisation should use it. Maybe not everyone knows that the great majority of organisations that use a CRM simply do not use it at its best. Not to mention the many that don’t have a CRM in place at all. CRM became more fashionable in the last 10 […]