CRM improvements
CRM problems
Antonio Specchia

CRM improvements? An everyone’s job.

Any CRM tool is useful in supporting a business as it is specifically designed around the business needs, it is reliable to avoid wrong decision making, it results fast enough to zeroed lead time and is easy to use by a smooth learning curve.

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CRM experts
Learning CRM
Antonio Specchia

CRM experts – who are they?

CRM experts, CRM consultants, CRM specialists or CRM architects are the Subject Matter Experts. Whatever you prefer to call them, they probably play one of the most vital roles for modern sales companies.

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CRM and ERP native integration
Case history
Antonio Specchia

CRM and ERP integration. Native with Firmao.

“Large and small companies across a variety of sectors are embracing CRM as a major element of corporate strategy for two important reasons: new technologies enable better target market segments, and a new marketing approach recognised the potential for more customer-focused process-based strategies.”

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