Our vision:

Entrepreneurs who run their businesses successfully can outsource CRM support to improve efficiency in business. easyCRM designs, develops and deploys CRM tailored for B2B business processes.

Our strength

relies on a deep marketing know-how. Well beyond tech, we help organisations with the logic and the architecture of CRM.

Our long term experience

in CRM is our competitive advantage: our background in marketing enables us to create a CRM that is specifically designed for your needs.

We create digital business solutions to help your marketing execution needs.

Who We Are


antonio specchia

Antonio is the CRM architect. He shapes data architecture to boost the best outcomes, he designs complex workflow configurations to enhance control over the sales process. He advises companies management about agile practices upon sales processes. Antonio has a background in economics, he has a master’s in marketing and NLP as well as several certifications from Business Analyst to Project Management. Antonio has a long experience in management. He is now a seasoned entrepreneur.

liis kupits

Liis is an estonian digital nomad entrepreneur, she is especially skilled in enhancing the client experience. She is the contact point for new clients by collecting information for their requirements, she also gathers clients’ success stories about CRM implementation.

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marcella sanna

Marcella is an Italian entrepreneur moved in London in 2019. She has a strong background in digital marketing and social media. At easyCRM Marcella run everything about marketing and communication. She is the project manager of clients' marketing projects, from design the media strategy to run the campaigns, set and maintain the SEO, supporting the communication strategy.


Why we chose Pipedrive

Some years ago we spent a great effort to browse the market in search for a CRM that would fit the business. Coming from a long experience of design and creation CRMs for sales, at that time we were searching something on cloud that wasn't as excessive as salesforce, but could really help our startups boost and control the sales process. We trialled and implemented some of the well known and some unknown names, but none of them were really satisfying us. We highlighted many issues on all of them, but the worst was the customer support, sometimes unbearable...

That time we just ended up with something that was acceptable, but always regretted and complained to our previous "local" CRM that we could really flex to our real needs. Anytime we wanted to alter the architecture of data or bend the flow to our specific needs, we were able to make it. Once that business went under, we decided to experiment a bit more what was on the market. It was then that Pipedrive arrived in our life, something fresh and intelligent that we couldn't find before! We finally could bend and alter it to our real purpose; its flexibility was great and so were tons of other features that slowly slowly unveiled.

Today, as Certified Expert Partner, we know what entrepreneurs are looking for when they come to CRM. We know how to help them in getting the best of Pipedrive, starting with the data architecture and the pipeline design that really support their sales process. We know what salespeople need in order to be more effective. We make it happen for them in a tailored way. We, as Certified Expert Partner, are the missing link between the amazing IT product that everyone can easily implement and its high-performance possibility entrepreneurs better outsource.