Retail CRM and Process Management

Retail and CRM

The Case Industry: Appliances, electronics and home hardware retail Business model: B2C Company dimensions: 20 mil, 25 employees  Company type: trading company, Limited partnership, 20 years’ history The Situation Physical stores are still important for client’s experience as they like to visit stores, get confidence with products and find other products. E-commerce is a growing […]

Case study of CRM migration

Client: Digital Services Company Location: London Dimension: 140 employees Turnover: 50+ mil The Challenge The company had been using an upmarket CRM for over 4 years, but lately they had figured out that many of the services and features of that CRM were not used at all. Their sales process is long and of high […]

Reason why organisations stuck with their CRM. 3 – CRM an everyday sales tool

A new discussion upon organisations problems in CRM: what keeps them away from efficiency In the previous article we saw the risk to consider the CRM the healing solution for every organisational issue. Today we will talk about use of CRM, when, how often and why: Is data input in the CRM time expensive? Does […]