CRM improvements

CRM improvements? An everyone’s job.

Any CRM tool is useful in supporting a business as it is specifically designed around the business needs, it is reliable to avoid wrong decision making, it results fast enough to zeroed lead time and is easy to use by a smooth learning curve.

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CRM certified solution providers

CRM Certified Solution Providers – who are they?

CRM Certified Solution Providers is a definition for some specific companies: With the CRM demands arising as well as its ever-increasing technology, it’s easy for companies to get stuck within a software in search of optimization or stuck with its implementation.  And that’s where these Solution Providers come in. Combining tailored

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leads generation

CRM problems and solutions: CRM overrated

Following the series on CRM problems and solutions: reasons why organisations Stuck with their CRM.   In the previous article we mentioned the risk to consider the CRM just a simple tool, a “software” to use just keep in touch with contacts. Today we will see the opposite: considering a CRM

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