DocuSign integration with Pipedrive

easycrm is excited to announce DocuSign integration with Pipedrive! Thanks to the hard work of our developers, you can now control your documents within Pipedrive. Here’s your chance to be among the first adopters: a special offer of £4.50 per person per month instead of £6. Benefit from being an early adopter and speed up […]

Interviewing a Pipedrive lover

We asked Stuart Rowell, a successful business consultant, to report his own experience with Pipedrive, what he likes on it, and about his experience in its implementation with teams. Many clients report a positive feeling when they start using Pipedrive, we selected Stuart because of his role and his seniority matter. The wide team of […]

Do you have a CRM in mind? 4 answers for you

Is it choosing your CRM a challenge? Are you about to choose a CRM? Then this article is for you!  (2 minutes) Do you feel there should be more leads in your pipeline? Choose a CRM is quite important: CRM is the tool to manage the customers’ journey from the first contact to the last […]

How to use Pipedrive for recruiting.

Why I like using Pipedrive as an applicant tracking software The problem with most recruitment tools I’ve worked with over the years has been their inherent complexity – every tool had a steep learning curve and required comprehensive training. The simplicity of Pipedrive – the bird’s-eye view of a hiring process – makes a difference. […]

Compare pipedrive

A mobile-optimized sales CRM Solution Everything is mobile nowadays when it comes to software solutions. Pipedrive is no different as far as mobile optimization is concerned. It is designed so salespeople can bring their sales pipeline with them anywhere they go. Users can access the system and make use of most of its functions via […]