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CRM problems and solutions: CRM overrated

Following the series on CRM problems and solutions: reasons why organisations Stuck with their CRM.   In the previous article we mentioned the risk to consider the CRM just a simple tool, a “software” to use just keep in touch with contacts. Today we will see the opposite: considering a CRM

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CRM problems

Why we stuck with CRM?

How long have you been dealing with CRM issues?   Probably you are aware that you can do more than that, get out more value from it, be more effective with much less. Solve all your CRM issues!   Companies started to adopt CRM massively few years ago. A real, effective know-how

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Do you have a CRM in mind? 4 answers for you

Is choosing your CRM a challenge? Are you about to choose a CRM? Then this article is for you! Do you feel there should be more leads in your pipeline? Choose a CRM is quite important: CRM is the tool to manage the customers’ journey from the first contact to the

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Top 5 CRMs

Top 5 CRMs in the market

  Top 5 CRMs ? The “young” Pipedrive is already acknowledged among 5 best CRMs in the market. You may wonder what made Pipedrive good, or you can ask who has tested it. Read here what makes Pipedrive so good for sales process management!   Ranking Top 5 CRMs   What

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