Is CRM a Challenge?

Before getting into the challenges of a CRM, let’s ask the question: what do you expect a CRM to help you change in your business? If you feel your business is fine as it is, great, then you probably would enjoy long holidays in the Caribbean and do not bother to

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Use the right tools: Why use a proper CRM

In this article:  Use the right CRM: Software tools purpose and scope. Time – 5 min Purpose – Decision making Have you ever used a knife as a screwdriver? We probably all have done it once: the ability to make things happen with limited resources is what makes entrepreneurs successful, isn’t

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CRM workshop

What a CRM really is and why organisation should use it. Maybe not everyone knows that the great majority of organisations that use a CRM simply do not use it at its best. Not to mention the many that don’t have a CRM in place at all. CRM became more fashionable

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