Giardini leather

Giardini – the road of success has no shortcuts

In 2014 Giardini started producing a brand new product: a leather edge paint. Enrico who joined the family business in 2004, was ready to take care of it. It was a blind leap as the business was in chemical for leather, but focused on shoe producers according to the industrial district

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Lead Generation

The Challenges with Lead Generation

The Client:  A leading enterprise advocacy marketing platform, powering referral marketing for over 100 leading brands and retailers in 27 countries and 21 languages. Their clients are active in telecommunications, banking, insurance, utilities, fashion, beauty, retail travel, grocery and gaming/gambling and include big brands of each industry.  Their Challenge with Lead

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Reporting and forecasting

The importance of CRM reporting and forecasting

The Case Industry:  Digital Business model:  Business To Business Company dimensions:  20 mil Company type: International The Situation Our client asked us to support their team in a project to develop a better Reporting and Forecasting in their Pipedrive CRM. The company has 20 salespeople in two teams who follow 7

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Retail and CRM

Retail CRM and Process Management

The Case Industry: Appliances, electronics and home hardware retail Business model: B2C Company dimensions: 20 mil, 25 employees  Company type: trading company, Limited partnership, 20 years’ history The Situation Physical stores are still important for client’s experience as they like to visit stores, get confidence with products and find other products.

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Case study of CRM migration

Client: Digital Services Company Location: London Dimension: 140 employees Turnover: 50+ mil The Challenge The company had been using an upmarket CRM for over 4 years, but lately they had figured out that many of the services and features of that CRM were not used at all. Their sales process is

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