CRM and ERP native integration

CRM and ERP integration. Native with Firmao.

“Large and small companies across a variety of sectors are embracing CRM as a major element of corporate strategy for two important reasons: new technologies enable better target market segments, and a new marketing approach recognised the potential for more customer-focused process-based strategies.”

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ERP Reporting Vs CRM forecasting

The importance of CRM reporting and forecasting

Among the client’s expectations they didn’t list the need to learn how to use the CRM, that was something not considered as a problem. In fact, the setting of a more efficient data architecture requires to change the CRM use, mainly the data input should be carefully redesigned to enable a leverage on a more effective dataset.

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Retail and CRM

Retail CRM and Process Management

The Case Industry: Appliances, electronics and home hardware retail Business model: B2C Company dimensions: 20 mil, 25 employees  Company type: trading company, Limited partnership, 20 years’ history The Situation Physical stores are still important for client’s experience as they like to visit stores, get confidence with products and find other products.

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