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Probably one of the most popular CRM’s today amongst small and medium businesses. The reason is simple: Pipedrive allows a good degree of flexibility within a pre- built structure. 

Docusign on Pipedrive

This integration allows Pipedrive users to send documents instantly, securely and have easy access to signed documents within Pipedrive for quick retrieval. Click here to get yours.


The Database Management Systems belong to a third family of tools: they ease the creation of digital solutions. Ninox is a platform, a cloud suite, that enables users to develop digital solutions on databases by taking away the complexity of programming in SQL.

Channels phone system

We have partnered with Channels, a phone system provider, which easily integrates with Pipedrive. The phone system is built to power up your customer service, allowing you to get straight to the conversation with your customers, and refer back to the call history within your Pipedrive. If you are looking for a phone system for your company, click here.


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Antonio Specchia

Antonio is a CRM architect with a background in marketing and economics. He shapes data architecture to boost the best outcomes, designing complex workflow configurations to enhance control over the sales process as well as advising companies about agile methodologies. Antonio has a long experience in management. He is now a seasoned entrepreneur.

Liis Kupits

Liis is an Estonian digital nomad and an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and executive support. At easyCRM she handles client enquiries, seeking new opportunities and clients as well as finding ways to improve internal organisational processes.

Elisa Turri

Elisa is a sales professional with a background as a retail manager in the sales and customer service field. At easyCRM she is in charge of business development for the Italian market.

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We proudly built the integration between Docusign and Pipedrive: check it now!
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