Are you looking for a comprehensive, although affordable, CRM easy to use?

Three things an entrepreneur has to do: develop great product, get customers into the door and run after money.

Have you got spare time to also become  an expert in developing tools to run your business?

You can have an expert ready for you so that you can focus on your Unique Value: your business.

They say...


We started to think that we could not benefit of the huge platform we were using. Salesforce is great but is also very complex and a business like ours can’t… Read more “David”


I didn’t use a CRM before and I was quite comfortable with my own system. When i realised I started to have many clients in the funnel and I wasn’t… Read more “Paul”


We wanted to start with the right step: we needed a CRM that really improves our sales process, that’s why we checked many different CRMs then we decided to get… Read more “John”


We decided we needed to buy a CRM, then we checked many of them at the end we decided to buy pipedrive CRM with the implementation package offered by easyCRM.… Read more “Nathan”

Our mission is to empower organisations with a well designed CRM around their own sales process.